Want to Break the Debt Cycle? Here’s How with Shay and Graham Cochrane

How’s your relationship with money? Even just asking that question can induce immediate stress and anxiety. Financial conversations tend to be heavy and hard – but it doesn’t have to be this way. If you’re ready to get on top of your finances, place yourself in a position to give more, and even get out of debt, this episode was created with you in mind. Tune in as Mary invites on some of her favorite people, Shay and Graham Cochrane, as they transparently share how they went from extremely strapped financially – to completely paying off their house and creating thriving, successful businesses. If you’re over there thinking that’s great for them, but your situation is too dire for a ‘debt-free life’ to become the reality – you are not alone – but this episode is for YOU. Listen in to hear how Shay and Graham went through a season where they weren’t even able to purchase sunblock for their children, where they learned their money disciplines, how they run their successful businesses today, and the exact steps they took to live and give how they’ve always desired. If you’re ready for freedom over your finances – this episode is for you.

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Want to break the debt cycle? 7 financial steps you’ll regret not taking 10 years from now. Shay Cochrane & Graham Cochrane on The Mary Marantz Show podcast

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