Parentpreneur: What to do When ‘Balance’ Feels More Like Whiplash

What do you do when balancing parenthood and running a business feels more like whiplash than a harmonious rhythm? If you’ve ever felt the tension of attempting to navigate two competing and powerful loves – this episode is for you. Tune in as Mary brings on business coach, podcast coach, photographer and new mom, Erin Youngren, as she brings wisdom on being a parentpreneur, the realities of ‘balance,’ her personal story with infertility, and what it means to play the infinite game in your business. Even if you’re not a parent in this season, this episode will serve your business with so many truths on how to ‘balance’ competing priorities. If you’re ready to take your business, time management, and presence of mind to the next level – you’re in the right place, friend.

Listen to the FULL Episode Here: EPISODE 011 with Erin Youngren

Check out Erin here!

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