Afraid to Make A Change? 5 Ways to Pivot Well in Life and Business

Have you ever desired to make a big move or pivot? Maybe you’re in a day job and dream about starting a business. Maybe you already have a business and want to switch into a different industry. Or maybe you would be more profitable if you switched your current business model to be more boutique. The dream feels great- until the fear that the transition might flop, that it won’t be profitable, or that it won’t be sustainable, stops you in your tracks. So, how do you set yourself up for success for this change? Tune in to this episode as Mary brings on her husband, Justin, to practically break down the five steps they personally put in place for Mary to make the leap from photographer to author – and how this differed from her transition from lawyer to photographer. You’ll learn how to make a move even with life responsibilities (hello mortgage, family, etc.), how to tangibly set yourself up financially, tips to make the change a blessing not a burden, and the (surprisingly) most powerful position you can be in when making the leap. And bonus – you’ll also receive an update on what Justin is stepping into now! If you’re ready to be the visionary and innovator you know you can be in a new endeavor, this tangible episode is here to help you put the steps in place.

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Resource: Quitter by John Acuff

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