The Unstuck Challenge

The world seems to reward this fleeting currency of fast. 

Fast growth. Fast followers. Overnight “success.”

But if you zoom out just a little and look at true success over the long haul- this building something that matters, building something that lasts, leaving a legacy that lasts beyond just you- it never happens overnight. It never happens in a microwave- this fast food, fast influence, fake-it-til-you-make-it, just so long as it looks good on the outside version of ourselves that “hustle culture” tells us we have to be if we are ever going to matter. That kind of success never lasts.

And you and me? We don’t want to be just another flash in the pan.

If you are…

*Tired of feeling like your story doesn’t matter simply because it didn’t happen as fast as everyone else

*Exhausted from the constant pressure to keep up in a race that no one seems to ever win.

*Looking for the permission to grow slow, to take your time, to build something that will go the distance, something you can be proud of for a lifetime…

…then this challenge is for you!

Join me for 5 days,  where every day you’ll get a lesson delivered right to your inbox walking you step by step through the process of what it looks like to flip the script on hustle, burnout, and “overnight success” that never lasts. All while making focused, intentional growth toward building what matters.

And then every afternoon will be digging in even deeper to that day’s message with a Facebook coaching video to talk about what it means to grow slow.


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